Does Dr. Ron Levy of Gastroenterology Advice Tests Before Treatment?

Prior tests are conducted for any medical treatment, especially when there is a chance of surgery involved. Without conducting proper tests, Dr.Ron Levy of Gastroenterology never starts any treatment. Tests are absolutely necessary and forms the integral part of this treatment process. This is for the simple reason to know the condition of your intestine and the severity of the gastronomical issues. Therefore, you should be mentally as well as physically prepared to undergo one or multiple tests, as suggested by the gastroenterologist.

Absolutely Painless Process

The tests and examinations suggested by the gastroenterologist are absolutely necessary with least discomfort. Therefore, you need not be apprehensive about the pain factor. You will be given proper sedatives, during some specific tests like colonoscopy. However, for all such tests conducted by Dr. Ron Levy of Gastroenterology, there are no surgeries or incisions made. Proper imaging of the inside of your colon is done and in some cases, it can be seen directly on the computer screen by the doctor. All these tests tell about the severity of the issue and the complexities in it, so that the doctor is able to further formulate the perfect and most suitable treatment procedure accordingly.

The Angiogram Test

You must know that all the tests conducted by Dr.Ron Levy of Gastroenterology are essentially restricted to the abdominal region. There is an Abdominal Angiogram test done to take images of the blood vessels in your abdominal region. This is done to find any potential issues in the entire digestive tract, including intestine. In this testing process,X-ray is used to capture the images. The doctors can study the images to know how blood flows and the volume of it in your entire digestive tract, including all other essential organs in your abdominal region,like the spleen and liver.

Tests For Appendectomy

Dr. Ron Levy of Gastroenterology sometimes requires knowing about the conditions of other tissues and bonesas well. This will also enable the doctor to find the root cause of pain and the problematic areas inside your body. Doctors will be able to detect any holes or blockages insideyour intestine that is causing an interrupted and improper bowel movement. If the pain is severe and the condition is worse, then the doctors will remove the remove the appendix by the appendectomy process.

Laparoscopy and Ultrasound Test

Laparoscopy is also done using a laparoscope by the doctors. This is a thin and flexible lighted tube that has a tiny video camera at the tip. When inserted through a tiny incision in your abdomen, doctors can see live images of your inside on the computer screen. Ultrasonography test is also conducted to know about condition of the liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, bile ducts and abdominal aorta. The primary objective of all such tests is to see the amount of blood flow which is the main element that keeps all the organs in your body functional. For more information visit Our Website

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