Will Dr. Hillel Cohen of Gastroenterology Suggest The Best Treatment With Laser Coagulation?

You may need to have laser coagulation and hemorrhoid banding with the help of infrared photo coagulation as a part of coagulation therapy. It is a medical procedure that is used by Dr. Hillel Cohen of Gastroenterology to treat the patients suffering from small to medium sized piles. This treatment is very effective and only carried out for internal hemorrhoids cases. During the treatment procedure the gastroenterologist uses infrared lights that has intense beam. The heat produced by the infrared beam burns the tissue to a scar which in turn stops the blood supply. The piles die this way and a scar is formed on the wall of the anal canal.

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The After Effects

As an after effect of the treatment the scar tissue holds the surrounding veins perfectly in place that prevents any bulge in anal canal. A lot of experience and the latest tools are required to carry out this process and Dr.Hillel Cohen of Gastroenterology will help you have the right treatment. You will also have to prepare yourself for the process and also take some care after the process is complete. There may be bleeding from anus for about seven to ten days which is the sign that the pile is falling off. However, this bleeding will stop all by itself. You may consult your doctor if you have excessive pain to take pain relievers.

The Rubber Band Litigation Process

There are very few doctors that have the necessary expertise in both coagulation therapy and hemorrhoid banding like those practicing with Dr.Hillel Cohen of Gastroenterology. In rubber band litigation process the internal hemorrhoids are tied tightly at the base with bands.This cuts off the blood flow to the piles. An colonoscope is inserted inside the rectum to carry out this procedure. With the structure held and at the same time a rubber band is placed around the base of the piles. The structure shrinks and dies after the procedure is complete which takes about a week or so to fall off.

Things To Know

The banding process is only carried out by Dr.Hillel Cohen of Gastroenterology office and they being experts in this process always produces the desired result. Care is taken during the placement of the rubber which should not be too tight or too loose and this requires expertise. If you experience extreme pain due to the rubber band then you will be given a medicine. This medicine is injected to the tied hemorrhoids to numb them and reduce the pain. You may be given anesthesia and may also feel a sensation in the lower abdomen which is normal along with a feeling in the bowel movements as well.

After Effects of Banding

There are also some after effects of the banding process where some return to normalcy soon but it is suggested not to lift any heavy items. Others may need two to three days bed rest as the pain may linger for two to three days after the rubber band litigation process. Sitz bath is recommended to get some relief from the pain. Sometimes stool softeners for smooth bowel movements may also be recommended. Visit Here: Glades Road Medical Center

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