How To Prepare For Colonoscopy In Boca Raton

When you visit a doctor with GI symptoms, a Colonoscopy in Boca Raton may be suggested to investigate your intestine. Such test will enable the doctor to diagnose and explore all the probable causes of rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea and constipation and to look for any other problems within the intestine. It also helps the doctor to screen for any cancerous situation within the colon. Such test should be done for older citizens who have crossed fifty years of life. For others such test can be recommended for every ten years or so to detect any signs of cancer within the colon.

Colonoscopy Boca Raton

Follow Up Colonoscopy  

The doctor may suggest for follow up Colonoscopy in Boca Raton, if you had polys before to look for more polyps inside the intestine and remove them as soon as possible so as to reduce the risk of any cancerous situation in the future within the intestine. This is a very frequent and useful test for the diagnosis and cure of colon cancer. The entire process of colonoscopy is absolutely painless and does not need any surgery or incision. Therefore, it takes less time and also enables in accurate diagnosis. Regular and proper colonoscopy can reduce the risk of colon cancer as this is the sure test for cancer and doctors rely on it heavily.

The Risks Involved

Though rare, Colonoscopy in Boca Raton can pose some risk as well as raise some complications. Such complications may include any adverse reaction to the sedative that is used during the test or bleeding from the place where small tissue sample or biopsy has been extracted. Bleeding might be there even if any other abnormal tissue or polyp has been removed from any site. Apart from that it might result in a tear in your colon or the wall of the rectum called perforation. All such risks are well informed by the doctor during the discussion session you will therefore have to sign a consent form to authorize the doctor to go ahead with the procedure.

Preparing Yourself for the Procedure

The Colonoscopy in Boca Raton essentially requires an empty colon and therefore before it is done you will have to clean out your colon.You will have to take special diet as suggested by the doctor the day before the test which will mostly comprise of clear liquids like tea, plain water, broth or coffee without cream or milk. You may have carbonated beverages but certainly not red liquids which will create confusion with blood during the test. All this should be taken before midnight as well.

Taking of Laxative

Doctors may also suggest you to take laxatives which may in a pill or liquid form. Such laxatives may be suggested for the night before the test or for a couple of nights including the morning of the test day. You may also have to use the enema kit that is available over the counter to empty your colon and use it the night before the exam or even just few hours before the test. For more information visit Our Website

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